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Avenue du Port 86c
Havenlaan 86c
B - 1000 -
Bruxelles - Brussel - Brussels


Customer Service

Extensa maximizes value for customers providing quality and service. Our customer care people will assist you from the first contact until the final completion of the project. You will be personally involved and clearly informed every step of the way. We will also offer you professional guidance during the material selection process. A wide range of colors come standard and you can pick your favorite shades for the kitchen cupboards and composite countertops. Parquet floors and tiles can be perfectly matched to your own taste giving your home a very personal touch.

Project Development

Extensa is a Project Development company existing for more than a century and owned by Ackermans & Van Haaren, a successful and listed Belgian company. Extensa is known for its sustainable urban developments. The Tour & Taxis regeneration project being just one of their leading references.

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